Backup ASA Firewall configurations using TFTP

Backup is very important to prevent any disaster. Here is the way how to take a backup for ASA Firewall. Different devices have different commands to back up the configuration.

  • Download SolarWinds TFTP Server from the Website.
  • Install the TFTP server on your machine.
  • Create a backup Folder where you will save all the configurations.
  • Launch The tftp server. Click on ‘FILE’ and ‘Configure’. Go to ‘General’ tab and in the storage section (Bottom side) select the Backup Folder using Browse: –

Start SolarWind TFTP


Now go to your Cisco ASA in CLI mode: –

  • Ping to your running tftp server to make sure the connectivity.
  • Now type the below command to copy you running-config: –

ASA#copy running-config tftp:

copy configuration

  • After pressing the enter, It will ask for the Source filename, You have to press the enter without any changes: –

Source File Name

  • Then it will ask for the Address or name of the remote host. Give your tftp server IP address: –

TFTP Server Address

  • Last we need to give a Destination Filename(Like Backup_ASA_03March etc.): –

Destination File Name

  • Now you can see the logs in TFTP server. Now you can find the backup file in the Backup Folder which you have created or have done setup in tool settings: –

Backup Done


To Restore the configuration: –

  • Type below command: –

Asa# copy tftp: running-config

  • It will ask you the TFTP server ip
  • Give the Source file name
  • Press enter for Destination file name.


Backup Restoration is done. Now you have learned to take a backup of ASA or any Cisco router & switch. This is very helpful for the Network Administrator.


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