How to make Patch Cable

You can buy Patch cable according to your requirement. Suppose live cable is broken that causes the change of entire cable. Here is the steps, how to make customize length LAN or patch cable. We can buy a bundle of cable (100mtr) Cat6 and then we can make the patch cable.

But before going forward, we have some requirements: –

  • Cable (Cat6/ Cat5)
  • Connector: –


  • Crimping Tool: –

Crimping Tolls

  • Cable tester: –

cable tester


Let’s start: –

  • Firs, the LAN cable using Crimping tool (See photo for reference): –

shelling cable


  • You will get 4 pair color cable. Now we have to arrange this cable for according to straight cable color coding. Open all the cable round and make it in line: –

Arrange Color cable


  • Now start from the left, arrange the cable according to below image: –


Orang White


Green white


Blue White


Brown White


Color Code


  • Now make them in straight line according to color and cut the extra cable

Cutting  Extra Cable


  • Now insert the wire inside connector as the same color sequence: –

Cable in Connector


  • Put your cable inside the Crimping tools and squeeze it: –

Crimp cable


Now your LAN cable is ready, repeat the same things with second side of cable and test with the cable Tester.

After all done cable would be like this one: –

Patch Cable




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