Google Chrome Extensions – Make Your Daily Life Easier

Sometimes, its hard to get what we want because google chrome support enormous number of extensions. Here are some useful extension for enhancing the use of chrome in our daily life.

  • Grammarly: -Grammarly extension keeps an eye on your typing. It fixes the grammar mistakes and helps us to fix the spelling. You can find the option to correct the mistake. We can also monitor our mistakes.


You can add unfamiliar words in your dictionary and you can also ignore if you think you have written correctly.

  • Gmail Offline: –This feature allowing to be read, deleted, responded to and searched without internet access. Sometimes we don’t have any internet and we have to check the communication which happened in the last conversation. Using this tool, we can check our emails offline.

It will auto sync the new emails or data once the internet is available. This is a very helpful app and we should have installed this in chrome.

  • Turn Off the Lights: –Using this Extension we can darken any web page. Mostly helpful when we play a video, It will darken your screen. This will also help you to protect your eyes.

Turn of the Light

  • FireShot: –This extension is available for both Firefox and Chrome browser.

Sometimes, we need to take a screenshot for our complete web page. Using this Extension, you take a screenshot of your web page. You can capture entire page or you can capture only visible part. Using this you can also save as image or PDF. You can print your screenshot and can print also.


  • Hola: –Hola is an Open and ad-free proxy service. Using Hola VPN, we can access websites which are blocked in your country, company, a school using the free unblocker proxy service.


Hola allows us to view the video content which has blocked in other countries.

  • Boomerang: –Boomerang allows you to schedule an email and also allow you to postpone emails and reminder email. For a free account, we can schedule 10 emails a month.


  • Voice Clock: –This will help you to keep track of time. After adding this extension, it starts his work immediately and you can set your time 30 min or 1 Hour.



You can also set a message what you want to hear after a certain interval. This is very helpful to complete the task with keep tracking of time.

  • HTTPS Everywhere: –Some website doesn’t use https, It is mandatory to use Https to prevent hacking from hackers. HTTPS Everywhere gives the feature to use https in most of the site which helps to prevent from hackers.

Https Everywhere

It also helps to block all unencrypted requests.

  • Google Dictionary: –Now we don’t need to open a new tab to find out the meaning of any word or for pronunciation,  Google Dictionary giving us a feature to find the word meaning and also giving the option to get a pronunciation of that word. Just you need to double click on word and result will come out.

Google dictionary

  • Chrome Remote Desktop: –This app provides us a feature to access another computer or allow our computer to access securely over the Internet.

Chrome remote desktop

Sometimes we install software to access or share the screen over the internet. This tool saves our time for installation and providing a secure connection.


  • Save to Pocket: –You want something which you want to view later like video or any article, this tools will give you the feature to save your page or video or article for later.

Save to Pocket

  • RescueTime for tracking your productivity: – What you do in all the hour? Where you spend your time? You want a report? The Rescuetime giving a feature to monitor the time which spent on the web for what and when. It shows the percentage for spend time on the web.



  • Momentum: –This extension turns a new web page into your personal dashboard. It gives you the information for weather and also give the inspirational quotes. You can customize it according to our requirements.


  • Data Saver: –By Using Data server you can find the details of utilizing data off site. This data you can find in ‘details’. This is the best tools to check your utilization.

data saver-1

data saver-2

  • Auto HD For YouTube: –Auto HD helps to set a video to play in HD. Using this, we can set the HD (1080,720,240p etc).



  • Tab Wrangler: –Do your idle tab sucks your memory? Tab Wrangler help you to create an idle time for time for the tabs/webpage. It will give you an auto closing tab feature after a designated time.

Tab Wrangler

  • MightyText: –MightyText brings your laptop and mobile together close. It allows you to sync your SMS and you can send you text SMS from a web browser. It also giving features to sync your photos and videos.



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