Basic Troubleshooting Command in Windows

There are lots of commands or steps to troubleshoot any issue. You can find below some command which everyone should know for basic troubleshooting.

  • ipconfig: – Using this you can find the Ip address and Gateway information. Ipconfig shows the TCP/IP configuration. This command shows the IP Address, DNS, Default Gateway and subnet mask of the network.


  • Ping: – Ping command use to check the reachability of host. It sends the data packet to a server and if a packet is received back then the connection is perfect. Ping uses the ICMP (internet Control Message Protocol)


  • Netstat: – This command shows the listening port. It also shows the TCP/UDP connection and network protocol statistics


  • Tracert: – Traceroute command is very useful for the Admin. Tracert command is used to find out the packet path and the delay of the packet. It shows the how many hops that required to reach the destination and how long it takes.


  • Systeminfo: – This command will give you the complete information of your windows laptop. It will also show you the network card information on your system.


  • Pathping: – Pathping command is the combination of the ping and tracert(Trace Route) command. Using this you will find the Path for the send and receive packet & the RTT(Round-Trip Time)


  • Tasklist: – this command will show you the list of running task also it will show the memory usage of a particular task.


  • Taskkill: – Taskkill command use to kill a process using either a name or services. Using this command you can kill a process on the remote machine also.

> taskill /?


  • File Compare (fc):- The command is fc /i “path for 1st file” “path for 2nd file”. Using this command we can compare the two files. This tool is very helpful for the development and for the testing.


  • – Speedtest is a service which provides the analysis of the network like Latency, bandwidth/Data rate.





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