Motion Stills App By ‘Google’ Now Available on Play Store

Google is doing research on multiple application which can make life easier and this time good news for the people who like camera.

Google motion stills app features two functionality one is Motion Stills and Fast-foreword.

Google Motion Stills app allows user to take 3 seconds short video, which can used as short film by capturing multiple short video and combine into one. User can create looping GIF. According to google research blog this app uses new streaming pipeline which process each frame make it look like a video.  Google already has an app for IOS users which is used for taking live photos and share as a GIF. But Motion Stills is just an app where you can record a video and export as GIF or vedio.

Other feature of Motion Stills is Fast-Foreword where you can capture a shot for a minute and speed it up by twice to eight time (1x to 8x). This also use same streaming pipeline and can be export as GIF or video.

Even there are a lot of apps to create GIF but Motion Stills liked by users who used it. Try Google Motion Stills app.

Rating – 4.1
Downloaded – 1 thousand + users
Space – 17.56 MB

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