History of internet, Undersea Cable and How India is connected to Internet

What is Internet:

Internet is combination of network and networks, it means the connection of computers together and each computer is communicating to another computer. Internet means Inter-Network. 

How Internet works:

First sign comes in our mind when we think about the internet. (Cloud)


But internet is connected to a wire, it’s not about the cloud, satellite etc. This connection might have happened through fibre optic, copper cable etc.

Let’s understand how internet works by an example suppose a computer is connected to the internet and we want to access Google.com through our browser. A packet first travel to our Internet Router/Gateway, then to our local ISP with all destination or packet information and ISP send that packet to the Country Gateway (Tier 1 ISP) and Gateway sends it to Google.com server and then we get a reply from there. This whole processing is done by many network devices like Router, Modem, Repeaters etc and Network Protocol TCP/IP. 

How we are connected to Internet:

We are connected to internet through cables. The internet cables are laying down in the Sea and that cables called SUBMARINE COMMUNICATION CABLES. They are thousands of miles long. These cables are laying down under the sea at 8000m.

Every 50 miles, these cables included with large missile shape repeaters or amplifier to boost the signals. These cables carry DWDM (Wavelength-division Multiplexing)  laser signals.

First Translating Telegraph cable is tested in 1858 between Ireland and Newfoundland.

Submarine Cable Analysis:



  1. Optical Fiber
  2. Petroleum Jelly
  3. Copper
  4. Polycarbonate
  5. Aluminium Water barrier
  6. Stranded Metal Wires
  7. Mylar Tape
  8. Polyethylene


How India is Connected to Internet:

India is becoming a 2nd internet user country as to June 2017. In India 460 Million users using Internet.

If we are talking about the Internet connection, there are multiple gateways like Mumbai, Cochin, Chennai, and Tuticorin, with 10 landing station from our traffic goes to International. Different vendors own cable landing stations –

Tata Communication- Mumbai, Cochin, Chennai

Bharti Airtel- Chennai and Mumbai

Reliance- Mumbai

Sify Technologies– Mumbai

BSNL– Tuticorin

Submarine Cable Landing Station

East side we are connected to Singapore through Chennai, South side we are connected to South Africa and West side we are connected to UAE through a submarine cable.

Recently Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd has launched the AAE-1 Submarine Cable system which connects Asia-Europe-Africa with 21 landing across Asia and Europe to 100Gbps capacity.

This Submarine system route will provide the lowest latency with fewer hops between Hon Kong, India, Middle East and Europe.




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