How to Enable and Remove Password from PDF

Remove Password from PDF

Nowadays every sender like Bank sends data in pdf format with password protection. These are difficult to remember the password so below you can see how to remove the password-

  • Open Your PDF file in Google Chrome.


  • Now press Print command (For Windows- CTRL+P) (Command+P for MAC).
  • Choose the destination printer, you will get an option to save the file as pdf.
  • It will save your file without password at you mentioned the location.

Using the Chrome browser you easily can remove the password from PDF file.


Enable Password Protection-

You can buy a subscription or trial version of Acrobat Pro Adobe site. You can use Microsoft Office 365 (Excel, Power Point, Word).

  • First Open Microsft Word/Excel/PowerPoint.
  • Click on File and Export: –


  • Now click on Create PDF/XPS. It will ask you to a destination location to save pdf file.

Create PDF/XPS

  • Click on Below Option Then click on “Encrypt the document with a password”.

File Destination

  • It will ask you to enter password.

Encrypt Password


  • After saving, it will be open saved file and will ask for the password-

Open PDF File



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