How to Upgrade to Windows 10

As all, we know that Windows 10 free upgrade is ended on July 29, 2016. Some of the folks didn’t upgrade to Windows 10.

Why we should upgrade to Windows 10-

Windows 10 comes with improvement over old windows for example security, speed, interface, compatibility and windows software tools.  Windows 10 is more familiar to use with mouse and keyboard, Here you can read about why you should upgrade to Windows 10-

  • The start menu- Windows 10 again coming with Start menu while in windows 8 or 8.1 is replaced with Start Menu screen.
  • Cortana- nowadays we are used to talking with personal assistants like Siri. We can use a technology hands-free. Microsoft also has launched personal assistance in Windows 10 and name is Cortana. Cortana will help you to schedule anything or help you to remind anything about your task etc.
  • Action Center- We are used to getting notification for all things like message, update or emails in our mobile. Now you can get these things with notification in Windows 10.
  • Browser- Microsoft has launched a better browser in Windows 10 with better security and speed and few capability like web page markup and reading mode. Now with Microsoft Anniversary update support extension also.
  • Virtual Desktop- Mac users are used to Switching multiple screens, Now windows 10 brings the virtual desktop to switch desktop operating system. Just have to click task-switching icon, Next to Cortana option
  • Xbox- Windows 10 brings a Xbox app to improve better Game mode, it minimizes the background task and other apps.
  • One Drive- Using this feature you can store your all storage files on the cloud.
  • Anti Ransomware protection- Open the Windows Defender and click on Virus and threat protection>Virus threat protection You will get an option called Controlled folder access. Using this you can protect your other folders also.
  • Multitasking- Windows 10 brings Multitasking screen like an external monitor. Now you can open multiple screens on a single machine without any external monitor.
  • Windows Hello- You can protect your pc password using Face reading or fingerprint. It is 3x faster than a password.

How to Upgrade Windows 10-

You can still upgrade to Windows 10  using below steps.

You have to download this installer from Microsoft using this link-

It will check all the pre-requirements to upgrade and will start the upgrade.


You can comment below for any query or any issue. We do always welcome for new suggestions or issues.


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