How to Block USB in Windows

Computer security is a big concern now a day for IT offices or IT users, we do store our Important data on our machine, we should apply some security features on our machine. One of them is to prevent External Hard Disk, Pen Drive, Floppy Drive or any USB drive to your machine. This task is done by IT Admin.
This feature will prevent you to get Virus on your machine from USB.

You can see the USB, but you can’t access in this method, If you want to disable the port then follow process 2 (Below)-


We should apply this policy to our Local User account, and Make Sure you have Admin access to your account to apply this.

Process 1-

  • Press Windows key+R to open Run Dialog box then enter gpedit.msc (Group Policy Editor)


  • In Group Policy Editor, expand and target the- User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Removable Storage Access


  • Now in Right Side windows, double-click on All REMOVABLE STORAGE Classes: Deny All Access.
  • Now a POP-up window will open and enable the Radio Button then click apply and ok.

removable enable

  • This will block your All USB access, no one can access your machine through USB.



Process 2-

If you want to block the USB then have to done changes in the Registry, make sure you do it very carefully because a wrong modification can make a serious problem in the registry. Please follow steps-

  • Type Windows+R to open Run Dialog box and type regedit and hit enter.
  • Point the below location in regedit-


  • In right panel, double click on the Start

usb locate

  • In value Data box, insert value 4 and click on Hexadecimal and then click on OK.


  • Exit Registry.



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  1. Ok, so this one delivers much positivity in its angle but you lost me about 78 words in !!!!
    This has nothing to do with your excellent writing; more to do with my techno-savvy-not brain.. 🙈

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