Turn off Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 has no control over the update, as like Windows 8 or 8.1. Windows 10 made it mandatory to download, install updated automatically to ensure your devices stay up to date. In every update, Microsoft releases new Security patches or improvements,


Ideally, we should enable it and make our machine or device up to date with the latest update, but sometimes we get stuck with our task and Windows get re-starts with the Update without notification which give us lots of problems. Microsoft providing some feature to stop this like-


Schedule Restart Time-


You can schedule the installation of windows with a specific time period. You can make the changes of time by using (Go to the Windows Update setting> Restart options).


Meter you internet-


You can set metered connection in your windows 10 by going to Setting>Network & Internet> WiFi> Advance> turn on Set Metered Connection.

Using this feature you can limit your data and Windows wonโ€™t force to download the updated.

If you want to disable Windows to check update then follow steps-


  • Press Windows+R to open Run Dialogue box then type gpedit.msc and it will open a Group policy editor-


  • Navigate the below folder

Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components> Windows Update

  • Right side window, Double click on โ€œConfigure Automatically Updateโ€.


  • You can choose according to your requirement but if you want to disable to check the update then select disable and restart the machine.



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