What is Ubuntu and How to install Ubuntu

Ubuntu name is an African word with meaning “Humanity to others” which is developed by Mark Shuttleworth and his developer team. Vision for it was to give
free softwares and OS should be available free for everybody in same terms.
Ubuntu is a Open Source Debian based Linux operating system and release in 2004 and sponsored by Canonical Ltd (Founder- Mark Shuttleworth)
Ubuntu releases a new version in every six months and provide support and security patches for 18 months thereafter.

How to install-

> Backup of all your data, where you are planning to install Linux/Ubuntu.
>Recommended RAM-2 GB and hard Drive- 25 GB
> Create a space to install Ubuntu in your hard drive (Swap partition, Root, Home)
>Bootable pen-drive/CD

Now follow these steps to install Ubuntu-

> Download Ubuntu IOS file from –Download IOS
> Create a Bootable Ubuntu Pendrive of this ISO, You can find the steps to create bootable pendrive in post- how-to-make-a-bootable-pen-drive
>Plug your Pendrive and Start your machine and press f12 (According to machine manufacture) to load boot options, Slect pendrive.
> You will get an Welcome window, Click on install Ubuntu then
> You will be asked to install Third Part software and Updates, We recommend to select both. (Stay Connected to Internet to get latest update)
> Allocate drive space- Click on Something else, it will open a window


>Allocate size according to your requirements, You have to give 3 Main partitions
>Swap- Should be same as RAM or double
>Root/ – Recommended 5 GB
>Home- As per your requirements.

>Select Root Partition and Click on install now and Click on Continue to start the process


>Select your location


>Select Your Keyboard Layout

>Enter your login username and Passwords

> It will start your installation, After installation it will ask you about to restart the machine. and remove the CD/Pendrive.


Congratulations, Now your Ubuntu is ready to use.

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