Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

Linux Shell or Terminal-

Linux shell is a program or tools which work like a interpreter, that receive command from user and send it to OS and show the outputs. In this post we will use terminal (CLI) to run basic commands-

  • Sudo: –Sudo stand for Substitute user do or ย SUPER USER DO. Sudo command use to run a program with Super user or Root user permission. We use command like –

$ sudo apt-get install notepadqq

  • Ls: – This command use to see all folder and file in current working directory.
  • Cd: – It means change directory, using cd you can change the directory.
  • Mkdir: – Use to create a new directory

Lets say i want to create a folder in testuser directory, then i will use this command-

$ cd /home/testuser

/home/testuser$ mkdir Test

  • Chown: – Use to change ownership of any file
  • Chmod: – Use to change permission on file.
  • Pwd: – ‘Print Working Directory’ will show you the current working directory.
  • Cp: –Copy your file or folder from one directory/location to another directory.
  • Rm: – Using to remove any file or any directory, suppose want to remove any file then ype-

$ rm test.txt

  • mv: –Move your file/folder from one location to another location.
  • Apt-get: –APT means Advanced Packaging tool. This is a powerful Package manager tool, using this we can install, upgrade or remove any software
  • Df: –DF stand for Disk Free, It use to report the amount of space free or used. Means Disk space usage.
  • Free: – use to get info about the free memory (Main memory and Swap)
  • Top: –This show the administrative work like Processor activity, Current running processes etc.



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