How to install an Application in Ubuntu

For Linux user, who has migrated yourself from Windows to Linux recently, have facing common problem to install any application. We will learn here how to install any application in Linux using command line and Software Center. Command Line is much faster and easy to install any application as compare to GUI in Linux-
There is 2 common way to install any application-

 You can install using Software center-

> Connect your machine through internet

> Search Software Center (Ubuntu Software) in Unity

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>Search Any application which you want to install



>Click on install

You can install application from Packages using Command line-


APT is a command line tool which used to install any software, upgrade any existing packages, removal of packages, Update the packages etc.

>Open terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T

> Type command-

$ sudo apt-cache search {Package Name}

> To install, Type-

$ sudo apt-get install {PackageName}


Install an application manually-

If you have downloaded a software in .deb file then follow these steps-

>Open terminal

>Navigate the .deb file which you have download manually

>$ cd /home/username/Foldername

>Type $ls command to check the package name in particular folder.

> To install type below command-

$sudo dpkg -i filename.deb

dpkg- this tool to install, remove, build any packages.

-i – used to install .deb file


Install application from .tar.gz file

> .tar.gz format comes with Archive file (Tarball) like a compressed file(Like windows ZIP), To uncompress this use below command

$ tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz


x – for extract the file

v- Verbose the file

z- gzip file archive

f- following the file name

c- used to create new archive

>Build and install software



sudo make install


Each tarball file contains readme file for instructions. You can read it using command

> vi install/readme


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      1. Though cannonical provides software center, I don’t think people needs terminal altogether. However, good work with dpkg!!! I tend to forget that command frequently

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