Incognito Mode/Private Browsing

We all can still monitored what we do online while using Incognito or private mode. Yesh, this is right, We can track/monitor from Any browser but in this mode, the browser won’t save the history, cookies, site data and form information.


How Incognito Works:

When we browse anything from the browser, it stores your browser data. It saves the cookies from a website, also stores the history of file we have downloaded, password, search history,

When we use Incognito, The browser won’t save any data like a normal browser, it might save some cookies information to keep session activate but it will delete after closing the incognito.

Your boss could figure out your activity if you are doing anything which is not supposed to do at the office, even if you are browsing in incognito mode.

Lets us know what you use this mode for in the comments.


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